Flying Eagles

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Flying Eagles represents a generation of children who are also called the teens. They are not small children anymore, but not quite youth. We care very much for these children in the ages of 12 to 15. We support our teens in creativity, we lead them to greater independence and help them develop their relationship with God. We long to see them grow into God’s men and women. It is our belief that each of them is very important to God. We try to give everyone a small ministry they can do so they can grow in responsibility.

Every other week, on a Friday evening a meeting for teenagers is organized, which has three forms.

  • One of them is a meeting, a gathering for girls and boys, where one of the leaders has a teaching on a certain topic (i.e. Peer Pressure). They also have time for worship and some refreshment.
  • Another form of our meetings is a cell group. Under the supervision of a leader we have separate meetings for girls and separate for boys where they reflect on a subject that is more specific to girls or boys.
  • The third form of meeting is an activity-based meeting such as a sports activity, game, bbq, dvd and so on. Through this the leaders have an opportunity to get to know each other better and talk more on a one to one basis.


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