Church Activities

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  • Regular Services at Word of Life

Jesus Christ rose from the dead on a Sunday morning. From the first centuries AD, the Church has been meeting on Sunday mornings (the first day of the week, according to Apostol Paul, and the Jewish calendar), in order to celebrate the resurrection of their Saviour. In our congregation, we also have Sunday morning services, where we worship God with songs, pray for people and those who are sick, and where we administer the Lord’s Supper rejoicing in the fellowship of God’s people. We often invite guest speakers and organise seminars on various days of the week.

  • Home Cell Groups Within the Local Church

One of the fundamental creeds of our Church has always been: “We wish to be big enough to be able to minister to you, but still small enough to be able to get to know you.” Home cell groups have been the cornerstone of our fellowship’s structure from its very beginnings. This is where believers pray and study the Word of God together, but can also actively grow in the process of discipleship. If you have a desire to get to know us a little better, we invite you to get a taste of the atmosphere of these informal get-togethers.

  • Faith Conferences in Bratislava

Since year 1998 we have been regularly organising an annual faith conference in Bratislava. It is wonderful when believers are able to meet in greater numbers and worship the Lord together. In such conferences, pastors and preachers of the Word of God minister and are able to build up the Body of Christ and help us to move further in our calling. In the past few years we have had as many as 500-700 people from Slovakia and abroad attend our conferences. These conferences where held in large halls such as Istropolis, Cultural Centre Bratislava (PKO) and the National Tennis Centre (NTC).

  • Biblical Education

The Word of God, is the foundation in a life of a believer. According to II Timothy 3:16, the Holy Scripture “is given by inspiration of God” and is good for teaching, correction and encouragement. Each Christian in our church has the opportunity to attend an evening or daily Bible School, where we focus on the basics of the Christian faith. Besides that, we also offer leadership courses (for this we use the course book by pastor Peter Curik), Alpha courses in which we introduce the attendees to the Christian faith as well as “Encounters” – meetings with God, all-weekend retreats which offer the possibility to come closer to the Lord. Another alternative is to study at the Livets Ord Theological Seminary under the ordinance of Oral Roberts University.

  • Mission Work in Slovakia and Abroad

From the beginning we felt that God has work for us not just in Bratislava, but in other parts of Slovakia as well. Besides having our ministers serving at other churches’ conferences and services, we felt God leading us to start working in other cities in Slovakia. Today, there are Word of Life believers in Banska Bystrica, Banska Stiavnica, Sered, Galanta, Komarno and Topolcany (year 2012). In the year 2001 we had a taste of mission abroad for the first time in Serbia. Since then we regularly (once-per-year) visited this ‘southern land’, especially places like Backa Palanka, Padina, Backi Petrovac, Kulpin, Despotovo, etc. God gave us the opportunity to meet a lot of dear friends. Apart from that, we were able to preach in the Czech Republic, Austria, Romania, Sweden, Ukraine and Germany. Since 2010, we support a missionary from our church, who serves in India as a teacher in a Bible School and is Deputy to the Dean.

  • Humanitarian Work

Since year 2004 we actively support the humanitarian project “Samaritan’s Purse”, known also as “Operation Christmas Child”. This humanitarian project has a world-wide character and is led by the son of Billy Graham, Franklin Graham. Christians all over the world pack precious gifts in order to send them to children from socially disadvantaged families or children growing up in orphanages. In the year 2011, we decided we would not just distribute the presents (together with an interesting programme for children containing a Christmas message), but also pack the boxes ourselves. It brought a great blessing and joy to the families in our church. Since 2009, we have been sharing the responsibility for the homeless in Bratislava in cooperation with the organization “Proti Pr[du” and the platform “Krestania v meste” (Christians in the City).

  • Child and Youth Ministry

A crucial part of our action and focus is placed on the work we have with children, teens, students and young adults. During our regular Sunday services there are parallel meetings for children. In the last few years we have had three classes (Sheep, Lions and Eagles), on alternate Fridays we have a group for teenagers (Flying Eagles) and student/young adult meetings. From 2006 we also organize children camps, which are growing in popularity and numbers each year. A great effort is put into founding our own Christian school in cooperation with other churches and Christian organizations.

  • Ministries in the Local Church

In the Book of Revelation 1:6 it is written that the Lord made us “kings and priests unto God”. We believe that each Christian is called to contribute to the Kingdom of God. In our church there are many areas to contribute into. Some of them are: the choir and worship team, children’s, teen and young adult/student ministry, missions, technical support, event planning, practical service, books and literature department, translation, and many others.


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