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Peter Čuřík
Senior Pastor of the Word of Life Church and Editor in Chief of Victorious Life Magazine. The author of the books: Be Born Again, 5 V´s to Victory and We Are Not Born as Leaders, We Become Leaders. His sermons on CD´s are well spread throughout Slovakia as well as abroad. He is married, has two sons and likes sport. It is his pleasure to spend his free time with his wife and friends drinking good coffee.
Martin Hunčár
Assistant Pastor of the Word of Life Church, preacher and writer. The author of several successful books for children and youth as well as a scenario to a drama, where he starred as one of the main characters. His sons are gifted in sports, he himself runs marathons very well. He is not much of a fan of coffee, he prefers tea.
Vlado Vrábel
Elder of the Word of Life Church. He likes to preach the Word of God. He is a famous cook and a person of “four talents”: he plays the accordion, sings, plays football and skis. He is very reliable. His wife Danka is the Worship Leader as well as a composer of several worship songs.
Mirka Miškovicová
Missionary in India, Bible school teacher and graduate of two Theological Universities. She speaks English, German, Biblical Hebrew and Greek and fluent Swedish. She is a woman of the Spirit and a woman of character. She likes discovering different cultures and experiments with foreign cuisine.
Tomáš Šimko
Youth leader, preacher and a Psychology Graduate. He speaks perfect English, likes sports and diving with sharks (with a prayer on his lips). Tomáš loves adventure and is a good friend in any possible situation. He is married to Lenka, who is studying opera singing.
Katka Čuříková
Pastor Peter´s wife. They have been serving the Lord side by side for many years. Katka is an experienced woman of God, who knows how to preach the truth of the gospel in a simple but powerful way. She helps other women to find their place and potential in God. Together with her husband they raise their two sons.
  Peter Singhoffer
Graduate of the Bible School of Word of Life, who has been serving in our church and Publishing House for many years. Often, he brings the fresh Holy Spirit´s insight into the Scriptures and helps to apply them in life. Together with his wife Beata they take care of their three children.
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